Patricia Arquette feminist

Patricia Arquette: “It’s Our Time” For Equality

Patricia Arquette's "it's our time" appeal on behalf of women’s equality brought excitement to an otherwise lackluster Oscar telecast.  Upon accepting the award for Best Supporting Actress, she stood before a worldwide audience of 1 billion and declared:“To every woman who gave birth to every taxpayer and every citizen of this nation, we have … [Read More ...]

Paleo year - kitchen time

Recipe: Paleo Non-Wheat Thins To Tempt Even Non-Paleo Eaters

It's winter.  It's cold.  Another record arctic blast is predicted.  Time to fire up the oven and distract everyone with the delicious aromas of something warm and wonderful wafting from the kitchen.Last year, my husband and I made a 3-month commitment to tackle some serious health issues and it became A Paleo Year of Change.  One of the best … [Read More ...]

bicycle & brain

Words: Steve Jobs “Bicycle For Our Minds…”

The common everyday bicycle is one of the most underrated inventions. In the US, we mostly consider it as a toy for kids. But the invention and wide use of bicycles, a simple tool of transportation, became a major force of innovation and change throughout the world.  It lead to mass efficiencies in many industries, gave mobility and freedoms to … [Read More ...]


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MCF - maj crested sag 6-2

Majestic Crested Saguaros

I’ve been on a bit of a scavenger hunt lately for the majestic Crested Saguaros.It all started about a year ago when I realized that the misshapen form I saw on a distant hill (from my kitchen window) was a rare crested saguaro. From my vantage … [Read More]

Paleo year of change - fresh produce

A Paleo Year of Change

Last year, 2014, became our paleo year of change.Our New Year's resolution was to change our lifestyle, live healthier, and make significant headway fighting my husband’s type two diabetes.  Paleo was the result of months of research.  Starting in … [Read More]

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Maddie & Tae 2

Music: FLY by Maddie and Tae

Teen sensations Maddie and Tae scored a #1 single last year with their brilliant, funny and feminist GIRL IN A COUNTRY SONG.  Their new single, FLY is so lovely, the tears were rolling before I heard half the lyrics. FLY is a sweet anthem of … [Read More]




A Disgruntled Snowman’s Snow Fight

We may be disgruntled by the snow, but it is here to stay -- at least for a couple of months.  So we might as well find humor about it where we can.  I've long been a fan and follower of the folks over at Animation Chefs.  Their goal is to:"lead … [Read More]

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MCF saguaro bones3

Mighty Saguaro Bones

Mighty Saguaro bones.  I didn’t realize, until I was culling through my photo library, that I appear to have a fascination with decaying saguaros.  It seems my camera gravitates toward them, capturing their unique personalities, even in death.There … [Read More]

Jerry & Anita

Acting, Hacking and Hollywood

Talking with Jerry Doyle earlier in the week, what started as a tangent to a conversation on terrorism turned into a full blown interview about Hollywood’s underbelly.  We discuss the dust-up caused by the Sony Hack and media release of the racially … [Read More]

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