Jerry & Anita

Acting, Hacking and Hollywood

Talking with Jerry Doyle earlier in the week, what started as a tangent to a conversation on terrorism turned into a full blown interview about Hollywood’s underbelly.  We discuss the dust-up caused by the Sony Hack and media release of the racially insensitive comments of SONY Exec Amy Pascal and Producer Scott Rudin about President Obama, the … [Read More]


Christmas Spirit, It’s Free

Christmas can be a tough time of year. I know this from experience. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with the demands on our time, bank accounts, sanity. For many years, I have struggled to hold onto any kind of genuine Christmas spirit, and then I beat myself up for not feeling the way I should feel. So helpful. I am learning that it doesn’t have … [Read More]

Dianne Feinstein

The Terror in the Torture Report

It was several years after 9/11 before I had occasion to once again board a plane. Arriving at airport security, the sight of everyone in line, by rote, yanking off their belts and shoes shocked me enough that tears rolled down my face. That horrible day in September forever changed us. Suddenly we were no different than any other country … [Read More]

Release date 1/6/15

Book: HOUSE BROKEN by Sonja Yoerg

I first discovered Sonja Yoerg when her nonfiction book about animal intelligence, CLEVER AS A FOX, popped up on Goodreads (“How interesting!” said the animal lover in me). I was fascinated by this author’s professional experiences and grew even more so as I got to know her wit and charm through social media. It goes without saying that I couldn’t … [Read More]


THE SON by Philipp Meyer

Book: THE SON by Philipp Meyer

"...a full-belly satisfying feast"A sprawling family saga spanning the 1840s to 2012, The Son is an incredible historical fiction account ranging from the Comanche raids of the nineteenth century in Texas to the state’s continued thirst for oil up … [Read More]

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MCF Sag Div2

Desert Diversity, Saguaro Style

Those of us who feasted on a diet of Looney Tunes and Doritos each Saturday morning as children probably grew up thinking that those funny desert plants zipping past the roadrunner and coyote were all pretty much the same: deep green, trident-looking … [Read More]

Dog Maymo

What if Fresh Produce Had A Mascot?

When we think of fresh fruits and vegetables, we immediately think "healthy."  And not about actually feeling better. We think more about all the work -- storing, cleaning, chopping, slicing, cooking that it takes to prepare them, than about the … [Read More]

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goldieblox action figure

Lost In Translation Of GoldieBlox’s Ad

GoldieBlox released a video ad introducing their new action figure for girls (video below). I was thrilled to read in the press release of their intention to "show girls more options and lead them to a world full of possibilities." As a feminist, I … [Read More]

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Book: MIXED FEELINGS by Olivia R. Burton

I read a lot of galleys. A lot of them. My dream is to discover the next big thing before they’re actually, you know, the next big thing. Everybody loves to have a good “I knew them when” story. Sometimes it doesn’t work out.  I’ve been in a reading … [Read More]


Do You Have A Growth Mindset?

What’s your mindset? Research shows that people with a “growth mindset” are more likely to focus on taking small steps to reach goals, experimenting along the way, while people with a “fixed mindset” tend to believe that talent is inborn and … [Read More]




Words: “…An Exquisite Balance…”

"It seems to me what is called for is an  exquisite balance between two conflicting needs:the most skeptical scrutiny of all hypotheses that are served up to us and at the same time a great openness to new ideas…If you are only skeptical, then no … [Read More]

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MCF - nectar bats cropped

Nectar Thieves In The Night

The first few times it happened in 2008, it was a mystery. We’d awake to the hummingbird feeder completely drained each morning, nectar splashed against the window.So we set up our Cudde camera. And what we suspected was true:~~Yep. … [Read More]

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