Please Don’t Buy That Bunny For Easter!

Photo credit: Chris Batchner

There are lots of things I love about Easter. It's a time of renewal of both spirit and nature as the earth comes alive again with the promise of Spring. It's the pinnacle of my family's faith, this year to culminate in a sunrise service. I adore seeing the delight on my kids' faces when they discover what wondrous treats the Easter Bunny has brought. It's a time for joy and love and family and … [Read more...]

Thanks, Mr. Bill!


*Welcome new contributing author -- Heather D of BECOMING CLICHE* Sometimes you only think you’re taking one for the team. It’s Spring Break. I know. Technically, it’s not even Spring. I don’t get to make these decisions.  When given an entire week of nothing, I’ve learned it’s good to plan at least a little something lest the critters get restless, so I planned a trip to … [Read more...]

Water, Camera, Bear…

grizzly go pro

A celebratory video reminder on World Water Day that water means life -- and not just for humans. (Video: GoPro: Grizzly Eats My GoPro) We humans don't have the right to waste and pollute the water everyone and everything needs! ### … [Read more...]

For The Joy of Animals: Dancing Spider vs Dancing Dog?

spider vs dog

When it comes to dance even non-humans want to get in on the act and strut their stuff.  But, in a hypothetical matchup, who would win -- the dancing spider or the dancing dog? Both are highly skilled and clearly know their moves... And yes, the spider has a few legs up on the dog with it's creeping, awe-inspiring solo salsa... ~ Yet the infectious enthusiasm of this energetic and … [Read more...]

For The Joy of Animals: Are Humans Just Tools for a Monkey?

clipped from video - from International Primate Rescue sanctuary

Are human's just hand tools and free labor to animals? Maybe you've seen the video that's gone viral of an cute monkey using a human hand to crush leaves.  The Capuchin monkey, Chino, is impatient and a bit of a demanding task master of the slow learning human hand.   After numerous attempts, the hand completes the task of crushing the leaves to the Capuchin's satisfaction and the monkey takes … [Read more...]

For The Joy of Animals: Lip Smackingly Cute Possum

Possum video

There is something about the sight of a Possum that usually makes me sad.  Mostly because it's almost always dead on the side of the road.  But also because a little part of me is secretly relieved that what is died isn't someone's cat or dog.  The relief is wrong -- but it's always there. The few times I've seen live possums at night, when the sudden flash of headlights brings a long snout, … [Read more...]

For The Joy of Animals: Woe Is Henri, the Cat

Henri 2

Oui.  It is true. The sun hides, while the wind stills. The air chills and the clouds weep. The earth languishes in sodden sympathy. As millions watch.  And laugh. At the woeful tail and frenchified air. Of Henri, the cat. ~~ ### (h/t S.Ivy - Henri 2, the first video above, was uploaded to Youtube on April 6th by the creator and in less than 2 weeks exceeded 1.5 million … [Read more...]

For The Joy Of Animals: Gambolling Cows

gambolling cows

After a winter spent cooped up in a barn eating oats and grains, can there be a better celebration of spring then seeing cows surging toward the heady smells of the fresh open air rejoicing at the uninhibited freedom of the great outdoors and rediscovering the sheer bliss of personally selecting their own patch of grass on which to graze.   And what better word to describe these … [Read more...]

~ For The Joy Of Animals: Cow Boredom?

curious cows

I have a special fondness for cows.  My grandparents were dairy farmers, so as a child I had ample opportunity to watch cows' inaction.  And no, that is not a typo.  Once you get beyond the constant chewing and tail switching along with their incredibly large and friendly looking (think oversized dog) tongue that likes to snake out and wrap around the top of their nose, they just don't do … [Read more...]

For The Joy Of Animals: Eating Like A Piglet

eating piglet

We've always been told "eating like a pig" was bad.  But who knew "eating like a piglet" could be so darn cute... ~ ~ There is just something seriously adorable about a baby pig. I don't know if it is the little grunting sounds...the tiny hoofs...the oversize head...the open curiosity... ~ ~ ## Other animal videos you may enjoy: ~ For The Joy of Animals: A Monster To Both Clean and Clear … [Read more...]