Words: Steve Jobs “Bicycle For Our Minds…”

bicycle & brain

The common everyday bicycle is one of the most underrated inventions. In the US, we mostly consider it as a toy for kids. But the invention and wide use of bicycles, a simple tool of transportation, became a major force of innovation and change throughout the world.  It lead to mass efficiencies in many industries, gave mobility and freedoms to … [Read more...]

Grammys: Another Institution Failure On Domestic Violence

Mixed Domestic Violence message

Sunday’s Grammy Awards became the latest institution failure on domestic violence.It featured a PSA by President Obama calling attention to the shocking number of women in America who are raped or suffer domestic violence.  “It’s on us,” he said, urging the artistic community to raise awareness to bring a stop to it.  Activist Brooke Axtell then … [Read more...]

How Long Do You Give a Leader To Succeed?

Jerry Doyle and Anita Finlay

How long do you give a leader to succeed when it comes to national, state or local government?  Is four years in office enough?California's tax rates are high.  When Governor Brown re-took office in the midst of a fiscal crisis in 2010, we were asked to bear "temporary" higher taxes on the promise that he would balance the budget.  How much of a … [Read more...]

Majestic Crested Saguaros

MCF - maj crested sag 6-2

I’ve been on a bit of a scavenger hunt lately for the majestic Crested Saguaros.It all started about a year ago when I realized that the misshapen form I saw on a distant hill (from my kitchen window) was a rare crested saguaro. From my vantage point, it resembled an ogre with thick, uneven limbs. What’s more, its giant Medusa-like, bulbous head … [Read more...]

Music: FLY by Maddie and Tae

Maddie & Tae 2

Teen sensations Maddie and Tae scored a #1 single last year with their brilliant, funny and feminist GIRL IN A COUNTRY SONG.  Their new single, FLY is so lovely, the tears were rolling before I heard half the lyrics. FLY is a sweet anthem of encouragement in challenging times.Keep on climbing, though the ground might shake Just keep on reaching … [Read more...]

Words: “Today Is The Right Day…”

Dalai_Lama at White House

"There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow, so today is the right day to love, believe, do and mostly live."His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of TibetTENZIN GYATSO, 14th DALAI LAMA (1935 - )Buddhist monk Teacher, leader, philosopherEnvironmentalist and human … [Read more...]

Why Kaley Cuoco’s “ Not a Feminist ” Comment Matters


By now, Big Bang Theory actress Kaley Cuoco’s comments that she is not a feminist have gone viral.  The online backlash was so fierce that Cuoco has walked back her original statements.  Pundits who miss no opportunity to perpetuate feminism’s negative branding have chastised those who criticized Ms. Cuoco for daring to part from “the tribe.”  Yet … [Read more...]



Anthony Rose, a international leader in corporate affairs and influencer marketing, wrote an important and inspiring book, BREAK THE CEILING, TOUCH THE SKY: Success Secrets of the World’s Most Inspirational Women and I have selected it to be my first post of 2015.What makes this book special?BREAK THE CEILING, TOUCH THE SKY is more than just … [Read more...]

The Terror in the Torture Report

Sen. Dianne Feinstein explains intel report on Senate floor (image clip from cspan video)

It was several years after 9/11 before I had occasion to once again board a plane. Arriving at airport security, the sight of everyone in line, by rote, yanking off their belts and shoes shocked me enough that tears rolled down my face. That horrible day in September forever changed us. Suddenly we were no different than any other country … [Read more...]

Will We Ever Bring An End To Domestic Violence?

janay and ray rice (2)

When Football executive and former NFL player Troy Vincent appeared before a Senate committee examining the NFL’s handling of domestic violence and sexual assault, he became the unexpected face of domestic abuse, if only for a moment. While looking to convince the panel that the NFL was cleaning up its act in this regard, Mr. Vincent offered … [Read more...]

Book: THE SON by Philipp Meyer

THE SON by Philipp Meyer

"...a full-belly satisfying feast"A sprawling family saga spanning the 1840s to 2012, The Son is an incredible historical fiction account ranging from the Comanche raids of the nineteenth century in Texas to the state’s continued thirst for oil up until present day.  I don’t know if this is considered a western (as I’ve never read one and don't … [Read more...]