How to Raise Gun-Free Boys

pop gun - bang

When my husband and I first started talking about having children almost two decades ago, one of our concerns was the pervasive violence in our culture. Seeing boys barely old enough to write their names pretending to blow one another up was troubling, and we decided our kids were going to be different. We didn’t buy in to gender stereotypes. Kids … [Read more...]

Needing To Belong — xkcd: Spirit

xkcd spirit

The need to belong is one of the most basic human motivations.We want to feel connected, accepted and valued.And when we don't belong, we lose spirit.Webcomic by xkcd: SpiritNo wonder not belonging is one of our biggest fears.###Related articles across the web 'xkcd' creator Randall Munroe gets asteroid named after him … [Read more...]

Mom, Nobody Does It Better


Many women have an a-ha moment when they realize they have become their mothers.  I reacted to my moment with cranky resignation – and a little joy.Mom is my hero, no matter how many contentious moments our relationship has weathered.  Her fierce work ethic and tireless dedication to family set a sturdy example, outweighing her sometimes … [Read more...]

Happy — With A Side of Happy

happy remix

Nothing changes the mood of a moment like receiving an unexpected smile. Nothing changes the mood of an hour like listening to your favorite songs. Nothing changes the mood of the day like -- a mega dose of HAPPY? And not that I believe in the unfettered distribution of earworms and eye candy, But I double dare you not to at least crack a … [Read more...]

Thanks, Mr. Bill!


*Welcome new contributing author -- Heather D of BECOMING CLICHE*Sometimes you only think you’re taking one for the team.It’s Spring Break. I know. Technically, it’s not even Spring. I don’t get to make these decisions.  When given an entire week of nothing, I’ve learned it’s good to plan at least a little something lest the … [Read more...]

Book Feature: THE LAST SNOWMAN by JC Little


A snowy day brings a teenage girl in touch with her inner child as she constructs a giant snowman.  But heartbreak awaits when the inevitable forces of life and nature take their toll.Never fear, JC Little, The Animated Woman is here!The giant snowman gets a second life when the young girl's Mom (aka JC Little, The Animated Woman) … [Read more...]

Equality & Marriage = Sexual Turn Off?

Anita Finlay and Jerry Doyle

Hilarity ensues when Anita Finlay & Jerry Doyle Talk Successful Relationships  on 2/11/2014 --  (audio below)My most recent article, Is Equality and Marriage a Sexual Turn Off, offers an irreverent take on current studies stating that marriages where both partners share chores & child rearing have less sex.  You can also check out Lori … [Read more...]

Winter Snow Humor


Just a couple of favorite winter snow day cartoons (pre #PolarVortex and #PolarVortex2) from the Great Snow Storm of 2001 :*cartoonist: Stuart Carlson, 2001, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Nope! - *** -* cartoonist: unknown  I thought so!  Have any good snow toons to share? # … [Read more...]

Is Political and Media Sexism Stuck in Repeat?


~Listen to an excerpt of The Jerry Doyle Show as radio talk show host Jerry Doyle and his guest, Anita Finlay, engage in a lively battle of the sexes while discussing -- SIRI humor, auto correct's "gome," "Lady Mayor" qualifiers, Hillary's big heels, who is or isn't a "shill" and more …Just click on the audio bars below to listen to … [Read more...]