Has Comic-Con Cosplay Become Sluts vs Creeps?

Jerry & Anita

At the recent Comic-Con Convention in San Diego, costumed female cosplayers were on the receiving end of much sexual harassment and are fighting back against the creep factor. Jerry and I get into it over the concept of “personal responsibility.”  I pointed out that there is no way to put the responsibility on a woman for her mode of dress as … [Read more...]

Words: “…the danger of futility…”


"...the danger of futility: the belief there is nothing one man or one woman can do against the enormous array of the world's ills-against misery and ignorance, injustice and violence. Yet many of the world's greatest movements, of thought and action, have flowed from the work of a single man [woman]...Few will have the greatness to bend history … [Read more...]

Misogyny, #NotAllMen, And M&M’s

Jerry & Anita

Discussing my recent article, Ramifications of #YesAllWomen/#NotAllMen In the Wake of Elliot Rodger’s Killing Spree, on the Jerry Doyle Show. Jerry and I looked at society’s addiction to misogyny, toxic masculinity and what we can do to open a dialogue to break that cycle.  We also discuss Jeopardy champion Arthur Chu’s brave and insightful … [Read more...]

Hoffman, Heroin and Addiction


An excerpt of my guest appearance on The Jerry Doyle Show, as radio talk show host Jerry Doyle and I discuss the shocking death of fellow actor Philip Seymour Hoffman.  With a lot of fingers pointing at Hollywood, it's worth repeating Jerry's words "Addiction knows no zip code ... no race... no gender ... no political affiliation... no … [Read more...]

BTSN Features: A GAME OF PROOF by Tim Vicary


"Gripping moral dilemmas in a top-notch crime/legal thriller." Whether British or American, we like to think of our laws and our legal system as the bright moral lines in the sand of our respective communities.  Those clear points where we've collectively agreed thou shalt not cross.  Sure we know no institution is perfect, nor the people within … [Read more...]

My Hero’s Footprints


Twelve years ago when I lived amid the hustle and bustle of the city in Phoenix, Arizona, I read an article about a hero in our local newspaper and clipped it out. A woman came home from work, entered her home and walked into her bedroom to change out of her business attire. Her elderly mother was in the next room taking a nap and sleeping … [Read more...]

Featured Book: BAD LUCK OFFICER by Suzie Ivy


" Ms. Ivy bares and shares it all with humor, passion and candor ... a riveting read " If you love cop shows and cop novels and think the various CSI television series are how law enforcement actually works, then let me introduce you to someone who will set the record straight and tell it like it really is.  Suzie Ivy is a middle-aged mother … [Read more...]

~ It’s Time For Women to Play the Leadership Card


When Suffragettes demanded our right to vote, to own property, to earn a living, to get an education, to live independently, and to control our financial security women were told that the power to control these rights should reside with those who had the physical power to fight for those rights -- men. When Feminists, demanded our right to equal … [Read more...]

Featured Book: BAD LUCK CADET by Suzie Ivy

Bad Luck Cadet by Suzie Ivy

We women are routinely underestimated and overlooked by both ourselves and the other half of the human species when it comes to our mental and physical capabilities.  In our youth we strap on our resiliency and bravado to help us face down the prejudices.  By the time we reach middle age, that resiliency and bravado has usually worn pretty … [Read more...]

In a Haze of Testosterone Induced Lust…


IN A HAZE OF TESTOSTERONE INDUCED LUST... by Linda Anselmi   When we live in a world That still believes: That men should lead, While women should follow. That men are strong, While women are weak. That lust is a natural appetite, While love is an emotional entanglement. Is it any wonder that, In a haze of testosterone induced lust, Personal … [Read more...]

The House

The House

There’s a house in my neighborhood. It stands tall but sad beside the road. It’s known as the “murder house” in my small town. A great tragedy happened there on a cold day during the onset of winter. I can see the house when I get in my car each morning to drive to work. I pass it as I head down the street. The house brings overwhelming sadness. I … [Read more...]