~ Saddest White House Christmas Doggie Picture May Reveal Secret Behind Obama’s Wanderlust

At first glance I thought this has got to be about the saddest White House doggie Christmas picture ever. Poor Bo. He's all decked out in his Christmas finery and no one is around to admire his fetching bow tie. This should be a picture of young Bo romping around the White House with Sasha and Malia hanging all over his neck, laughing and fussing over their first christmas with their dog Bo. … [Read more...]

~ Move Over Rover, It’s Hamster Time

We humans tend to have a giant soft spot in our hearts for animals.  And since advertising is all about finding the soft spots of humans and then exploit them, what could be more natural than companion animals in advertisements? Dogs have always lead the pack (by a large margin) as the most frequently used animals in advertisements.  And while some may think there are canine prejudices involved, … [Read more...]