~ BP and NOAA — Dispellers of Myths, Educators of School Children?

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It is truly a perverse world we are living in when BP, with the help of our government, is allowed to present itself as a truth teller and a dispeller of myths.  But it gets downright obscene, when our government joins forces with BP (or anyone) to help them take their propagandizing efforts into the classrooms of our children. BP, the company that polluted state, national and international … [Read more...]

~ From BP To You, With Love

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Don't you just love presents?  Especially ones that keep on giving? Well, here's a big one from BP.  Given with LOVE, I'm sure.  And it's a gift that will keep on giving for many years to come. If you think you might just miss out on feeling all that BP love because you're not a seafood eater or a fish oil taker, not to worry.  BP still has you covered.  And frankly … [Read more...]

~ A 27-Hour Gulf Avoidance Jaunt, Doesn’t Pass the Smell Test

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Family vacations have become something of a challenge these days.  Tough choices are required during new economic times and difficult working times. A new job can mean vacation days that haven’t been earned yet. A second job can present work conflicts with the already scheduled vacation at the first job. And with job cuts around every corner, even the safely employed may eye those much-needed and … [Read more...]

~ About Those Beaches And That Seafood…

BP announced on Friday that it is time to scale back clean up and focus on restoration.  The Fed on Thursday expanded its open fishery areas.  States are touting reopened beaches and fisheries.  Ed Overton, a professor of environmental studies at Louisiana State University points to "Mother Nature's work" in breaking down the patchy oil. And it is true, looking at pictures of … [Read more...]

~ Has the Gusher Really Stopped? An Oily Update

That sense of relief, that the Deepwater Horizon gusher in the gulf was stopped, was nice while it lasted. All three days. Unfortunately, pressure tests have exposed a seep (a.k.a. a leak) and "undetermined anomalies" (via CNN): The federal government's oil spill response director says testing has revealed that there is a "detected seep a distance from the well" and has ordered BP to quickly … [Read more...]

~ Dear Commander-in-Chief, The Oil Spill Is Winning!

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Dear Commander-in-Chief: Mayday, Mayday, Mayday!  This is the American people.  It is day 81.  The oil invasion is spreading.  We will soon be surrounded on two sides! Our food supplies are tainted.  Our morale is low.  Our information unreliable.  Our front lines are falling to illness and fatigue.  We are undermanned.  And the weather is working against us. Please engage!  The oil spill is … [Read more...]

~ The Oil Isn’t Just a Perception Problem

On the surface it may look like BP and the Obama administration are having some bad oil days. Rust-colored oil that fouled Louisiana’s ecologically sensitive marshes washed ashore on barrier islands off Alabama and Mississippi on Tuesday. The oil slick now looms about 7 miles off the Florida coast and changing wind patterns are expected to drive it ever closer.  Weathered oil and … [Read more...]

~ Serving a Corporate Criminal Culture

The National Republican Senatorial Committee has released a devastating ad against President Obama's handling of the BP oil spill vs Obama's political words as a candidate. H/t LATimes "Never again" is easy political talk. Too easy. And while this ad plays gotcha politics (and fairly so), it also reflects just how bipartisan the anger and frustration has become over the grossly skewed … [Read more...]

~ Why Does BP Get to Make The Rules?

If I am in a collision with another vehicle, regardless of my level of fault or innocence, I do not get to decide how the accident scene is handled.  I do not get to decide what information any government agency can know.  I do not get to decide where the injured get treated.  Or what treatment they are allowed to receive.  I do not get to tell the police how to handle … [Read more...]

~ Oil Spill Meets Loop Current


Strange how everyone's worse case scenarios seems to be turning into the most likely case scenarios.  It’s hard not to feel like a captive audience forced to watch a slow motion perfect storm develop and unfold, but have no way of stopping it.  Only left to wonder when and where it will end. The May 17th NASA's MODIS /terra satellite imagery below (h/t University of Wisconsin and NASA) shows, … [Read more...]

~ First You Laugh, Then You Cry

Yesterday oil industry executives from BP, Halliburton, and Transocean were on Capital Hill to give Senate testimony on what happened to cause the explosion and spill at Deepwater Horizon. As you might imagine the execs did a lot of finger pointing, but provided almost no information. So Jimmy Kimmel put Judge Judy in charge. ___ ____ It seems the fail safe blowout preventer on the Deepwater … [Read more...]

~ BP and the Art of ‘Just Business’ Practices for Profit Containment

Friday night, the containment box that was the best hope for slowing down and funneling oil from BP's Deepwater well failed.  At least for now.  There are other options like the “junk shot” being considered, but all have considerable risks and other down sides.  Like needing a lot more time to implement. The most dependable solution is the relief well. Work continues, but completion is still a … [Read more...]

~ More Oil, The Gulf Stream, Liability Caps and Environmental Exceptions

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Have We Created a Perfect Storm? Don’t get me wrong, I’m an optimist by nature and a firm believer that ingenuity and determination can overcome almost any thing. And as someone geeky enough to enjoy watching the Robot Wars (though I’m not nearly geeky enough to build one), it is hard not to get caught up in the technological fun of submersible robots and undersea vehicles that are the … [Read more...]

~ Words Failed

Growing up as a city girl in the midwest, my introduction to and early education about crude oil and its impact on our society came through watching reruns of The Beverly Hillbillies.  With every show, the opening spiel told the tale of the poor Clampetts’ discovery of oil on their land and the ensuing wealth they enjoyed.  So much wealth, that ensuring their happiness made a … [Read more...]