~ Have We Thrown Our Clean Renewable Energy Babies Out With The Global Warming Bath Water?

Prickly Saguaro - photo by Bethany Blankenship

Because I have to say, I'm looking at that empty tub and I'm worried. Was our "green" bandwagon only driven by concerns over global warming? What happened to our almost universal howl of outrage demanding energy independence and energy security when gas prices were $4 gallon? Did our independence and security leave the bath in a cleansing scrub of reduced gas prices? Are we now blindly hoping … [Read more...]

~ Will “Cap-and-Trade” be the Next Bubble?

[First posted in July 09 at No Quarter] Okay. I’ll confess. I’ve always considered myself something of an environmentalist. I don’t remember ever hugging a tree, but I hiked and backpacked in my youth. I’ve recycled since the early 80’s. I shunned the use of chemicals and railed against deforestation, over-packaging, and junk mail. I joined Sierra club, World Wildlife and Nature Conservancy in … [Read more...]