Featured Book: STIRRING UP TROUBLE by Juli Alexander


" ... a delightful witchy ... YA romance ... " Did you ever wonder why witches are ugly, green and have warts?  Well...  It's not their wickedness showing through.  It's their punishment from Zeus for using their powers for self-serving purposes.Which leaves nerdy 15-year-old Zoe Miller, who is a witchwiz at STIRRING UP TROUBLE, trying to … [Read more...]

Soliloquy For An Avid Reader


Earlier this summer, fellow writer Suzie Ivy posted My Writer's Twist on Shakespeare based on the “To be or not to be” Soliloquy for Hamlet over at the Reading and Writing Cafe blog.  She urged other writers to follow suit with whatever issues they were feeling conflicted over — work, parenting, eating, exercise …Like most people, I have a list … [Read more...]

Featured Book: STORM SURGE by Tamara Ward


Just in time to hit the beach, author Tamara Ward debuts her compelling environmental mystery -- STORM SURGE.Ms. Wards spunky heroine is Jonie Waters, a reporter and woman of action in the best tradition of women's fiction. She takes responsibility for herself and doesn't wait around for anyone else to bail her out. As the prodigal daughter … [Read more...]

The Wisdom of Anna


History is all around us and made daily in hundreds, if not thousands of ways.  So it may seem odd to think of something so common as being too precious to lose, but history is a record of the interconnecting chain of events within our world.  When that world is seen without half of its links, that world view is distorted.  When a history is … [Read more...]

While Clutching Our Government Issued Security Blankets


“Keep us safe”  was the cry.“What ever it takes” was the demand.And we all stood in line, passive and trusting, without our shoes, as we followed the 3-1-1 rule with our liquids, had our sharp objects confiscated, while filling grey bins with our precious possessions.It didn’t matter that our forefathers braved a new world for our freedom, … [Read more...]

True Love is … Less

Image credit: Tinneketin

My perennial valentine day poem.  For me it still says it all.True Love is ... Less by Linda AnselmiTrue Love is...Less about a day, than about daily.Less about romance, than about reality.Less about passions, than about caring.Less about words, than about deeds.Less about receiving, than about giving.So measure your True … [Read more...]