~ Earth To President Obama, Adding Speed To Our Death Spiral Isn’t Helpful

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Happy Labor Day, Mr. President! Now can I give you some Main Street advice?  Get yourself some new advisors.  Maybe some earthbound ones.  Because, after listening to your speech on the economy from the White House Rose Garden last Friday, I, along with most of Main Street America, got the distinct impression you live on another planet. "We are confident we are moving in the right … [Read more...]

~ Note to Politicians: The Hows Matter

Amazing to think that even a year ago, a clear majority of Americans actually wanted health care reform. Of course, that was when we actually thought we had a chance of getting real health care reform. Not the the institutionalized leeching that you all gave us. We should have known better. We never got real credit card reform or real bankruptcy reform.  Not even in the reforms of the reforms. … [Read more...]

~ Sticks and Stones… and Populism

While our President and other politicians have been learning the talk of populism in the last few weeks, a lot of media ink, electronic and otherwise, has been given over to trashing the walk of the populist.  Of particular interest is David Brooks' explanation of the media/political world view in his recent article The Populist Addiction: Politics, some believe, is the organization of … [Read more...]