~ New Jersey And Others Push Back At TSA

In case you haven't had the "pleasure" of flying lately, here is a little taste of what you might expect at the airport ...[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhkQoiaf7Uc&version=3]  And as shocking as this video is, the push back is only now starting to build. Fortunately, there are still some true government representatives willing … [Read more...]

~ No Longer Passively Accepting

I love George Carlin. He is a hero from my youth. Revered from the first time I heard “The Seven Words”. And I still mourn his passing in 2008. So I was a bit surprised by my reaction to viewing Carlin’s excellent riff on “Who Really Controls America.”  Oh, I still marveled at the painful truths he revealed to his audience. I was still awed … [Read more...]