~ Sometimes, One Graph Says It All


In the debate over April’s 290,000 jobs added VS April’s increase in the unemployment rate to 9.9 percent (which some claim is really 17.1 percent), this graph seems to best capture my sense of where we are at. From Economix: Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics Horizontal axis shows months. Vertical axis shows the ratio of that month’s nonfarm payrolls to the nonfarm payrolls at the start of … [Read more...]

~ That Gaping Hole in Our Recovery is Called Jobs!

[First posted on 8/05/09 at No Quarter] There is a gaping hole in our recovery and more and more of Main Street America is falling through it. And that gaping hole is JOBS. Or more accurately, the place where JOBS should be. The price of U.S. recession is paid in jobs: In the current recession, economists say high unemployment is likely to persist at least another four years. In Michigan, home … [Read more...]